The Aung San Family in Myanmar

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Her mother was ambassador to India in the 1960s. She is cherished by all her countrymen.

Moreover, Aung San Suu Kyi is the daughter of an illustrious figure hotels in myanmar Burmese history, a national hero - Aung San, who was murdered in 1947.

Aung San may be a hero where to stay in myanmar the Burmese but he has collaborated with the Japanese war-crime tainted military machine throughout the second world war - though he conveniently switch allegiances where to stay in myanmar the winning side five months before the Japanese capitulated.

Aung San raised a Burmese contingent - the "Burma Independence Army" - to assist the Japanese in their invasion of Burma in 1942. He was rewarded with the post of minister of defense in Ba Maw's puppet government (1943-5).

In March 1945, in what amounted to a coup, he opportunistically defected, together with the Burma National Army, where to stay in myanmar the Allies, and worked closely with the British, whom he hitherto claimed to have been fighting for independence.

When the war was over, he established a private militia, under his commend - the People's Volunteer Organization. He proceeded to negotiate Burma's independence from Britain and its first elections. He was murdered - with his brother and four others - probably by a political opponent, U Saw, in 1947.