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Domain Management

Click Domains→Add Domain in side menu

You must fill all form elements with valid contents

  • Domain must be valid, and formatted like
  • You have to choose minimum one and maximum three categories
  • Register date and Expiring date must be formatted dd/mm/YYYY. For example: 17/03/2016
  • Price's default currency is $, if you write numbers only like 10.000, 10000 or 10,000 system will accept this as 10.000$
  • You can use $, € and ₺ currencies like 10000 ₺, 10000 €, 10.000 $, $10000
  • You can define selling price as 0 (zero) for Make Offer

Listing And Managing

Click Domains→Domains List in side menu, You can apply your filter for domains you can select them for exporting