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Installing Doyosi

First: Get Your Files

If you bought doyosi, creat a user at with your paypal transcription ID. After system admin check and approve your user you will receive a mail.

After then login to get your doyosi files and api infos.

Note api infos in a notepad file.

Second: Create a DB

In cpanel : Create a db from your cpanel with Mysql Database Wizard

You can see it in your menu group : Databases > Mysql Database Wizard

In Plesk Panel: Create a subcription for your domain. After that go Databases tab at top of page. Click Add Database

After creating a DB. Note your; database host, username, password and database name.

Click Phpmyadmin icon and open phpmyadmin.

Phpmyadmin is a DB management tool. Click your db name from menu at left block of phpmyadmin.

Import blank.sql to your server.

Third: Editing Configs

Edit config.ini and apis.ini at app/configs folder. You can see detailed information here: Apis & Configs

Last: Login Your Site

That is all. Open your site and click login button.

First username: doyosi Password: doyosi

You can change them from admin → settings